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Hours and entrance

The visit of the Museum in the first months of activity is scheduled only on weekends, by reservation.


The Pinball machine and Modern Antiques Museum is located in Marmore, in the province of Terni, in Via Montesi 59.


The Pinball machine and Modern Antiques Museum is located on a historic building and under the protection of Cultural Heritage, with a history strongly rooted in the area. It is a location of undisputed prestige even if, unfortunately, is located on the first floor, so it is not currently accessible to people with disabilities. However, the town management that owns the property has already planned a renovation for the creation of an elevator that will allow access to everyone in the building. But the timing of realization is not yet known.
In the meantime, however, the Ifpa Italia team independently organized to allow access by wheelchair, through a system of ramps to support climbing stairs.

Group tours

For guided tours contact: info@ifpaitalia.it

Other buildings

Partner of the Marmore’s Pinball machine and Modern antiques Museum is the “Scuderia Traguardo” in Amelia (TR) where you can find a small “taste” of the collection of pinball machines and vintage games

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Museo del flipper e del modernariato “Dino Merluzzi”
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