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The Museum is a one-of-a-kind location in Italy, since it can perform various functions, in the cultural, educational and recreational field. In addition to being located in a very high profile tourist context such as that of the Marmore waterfall.

From a cultural point of view

From a cultural point of view, the Museum offers a series of pinball machines from different eras, from the very first examples of the 50s to the present day, covering all the different eras that have occured (electromechanical ones from the 60s and 70s, electronic ones 80s and 90s, modern ones, 2000s), in a thematic path in which to set the technological progress that has taken place over the last 70 years, in addition to the change in the habits and customs of society during the same period, described through the settings of the pinball machines and other material of the time that will be proposed together with the gaming machines (posters, glass decals, records, books, vintage jukeboxes and various vintage material). In addition to offering vintage footages on the history of the pinball machine.

From the didactic point of view

Furthermore, from the educational point of view, the Museum offers a permanent location that can become a reference point for schools and institutes in the area (and beyond), for a real and tangible approach to the understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. By setting up an “EduFun” program that would offer an exciting opportunity for teachers, students and stakeholders to observe the inner workings of real, working pinball machines and learn how thousands of files and thousands of electronic and mechanical parts work together to create complex electromechanical systems.
But the Museum proves to be interesting especially to high schools, in particular to technical and professional ones, as it would offer the possibility of proposing creative ways to strenghten study topics with real-world examples, through engaging demonstrations of pinball machines that are physically opened and studied in individual components, complete with magnets, electromagnets, switches, links, pulleys, gears, target banks, motors and semiconductors. Featuring expert staff-led demonstrations and group discussions, including an in-depth, detailed examination of working pinball machines deconstructed to showcase technology evolving from the 1970s to the present.

From a recreational point of view

Furthermore, from a recreational point of view, the Museum offers a permanent venue for organizing entertainment events, which would perfectly match the tourist resort, a few steps from the Marmore waterfall and the campsite. Two international pinball sports tournaments have already been organized in that venue, but many other initiatives of various kinds could also be organized. Exploiting the unique power of pinball machine, which is one of the very few games that can be used by both children and old people, essentially belonging to every era.

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The museum is open only on weekends by reservation.

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